Building your visions & Creating reality: Come home to quality.

AltaRose Homes LTD. is always dedicated and devoted to superior quality and results, whether we are building the future or restoring the past.

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About us


What we do

Virgilio founded Alta Rose Homes back in 1995 and had a philosophy of keeping his customers happy and doing the job right the first time. Virgilio was a qualified carpenter when he came to Edmonton Alberta from Portugal in 1977. He studied his trade a second time at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to earn his Canadian certification, and then worked as a carpenter, foreman and supervisor for a large construction company in Edmonton. In 1981, Virgilio built a house and a fourplex of his own, and in 1989 he started AltaRose Construction then AltaRose Construction was renamed to Alta Rose homes Ltd in 1995.

Our vision and passion

“It takes a long time to bulid a good name, but only a few days to destroy it. Our reputation is our future, and we protect it by guaranteeing a solid home that’s bulid to last”.

From concept to creation, our goal is to provide quality on time projects.